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What is “Tea of Dating”

In the ancient era of men, farmers, businessmen, and men who went out to work hard, it was inevitable that there would be moments of emptiness and loneliness.

At that time, there were no smart phones, dating software and other tools.

Drinking tea at this time is a way to rest and relieve stress. Customers call the business card of the tea shop in the hotel or restaurant, and the service staff will arrange the lady to the rest place designated by the customers.

Usually, the shifts are arranged according to the quality of the ladies and the schedule of vacancies. So you may not be able to order the popular tea~
Most of the ladies are part-timers, and DaTaipei Delivery Tea adheres to the principle of customer service and quality first to serve the customers. (Massage for men)

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What is "Tea of Dating" Advantage

SAFE and Anti-Cheating

Timging:Usually in time 30mins after order confirm
Convenient:Commnunication app like as Line & Whatsapp
Safety:Only Cash with metoo & emotional confict
Reliable:Confidential service, no text messages or phone calls to contact guests
Trusty:The location is arranged by the customer
Price:Depending on the quality, you can choose from 3.5k to 20k (NTD)

How to drink Tea of dating